How to Schedule an Event?

1. Open the Event Window
2. Enter the Event Title
3. Enter Start and End Times
4. Set the All Day Event Option
5. Save and Close
6. The Event Is Saved


Not all items you add to your schedule are appointments. Some items are events. A calendar event is any activity that lasts the entire day, such as an anniversary, conference, trade show, or a birthday. Use events in your daily calendar to block off larger time slots than appointments. Events appear as banners at the top of the Daily schedule.

Step 1: Open the Event Window    

To schedule an event, open the Actions menu and choose New All Day Event. This opens the Event window.

Step 2: Enter the Event Title    

The Event window looks like the Appointment window. Fill in the details pertaining to the event. Start by filling in a title for the event in the Subject text box and entering a location in the Location text box.

Step 3: Enter Start and End Times    

Use the Start time and End time drop-down lists to specify a time frame for the event.

Step 4: Set the All Day Event Option    

Be sure to select the All day event check box (this option is what makes an event different from a regular appointment).

Step 5: Save and Close    

When you have finished filling in the Event details, click the Save and Close button to exit the Event window.

Step 6: The Event Is Saved    

The event now appears as a banner at the beginning of the day in the schedule pane (use Day view to see it).










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