How to Read an Incoming Message?

Step 1. Check for New Mail
Step 2. Open a Message
Step 3. Read a Message
Step 4. Read the Next Message
Step 5. Delete a Message
Step 6. Close a Message


Use the Inbox to see messages you receive in Outlook. The Inbox displays each message as a single line with a From field that tells you who sent it, a Subject field that gives you a clue as to what's in the message, and a Received field that tells you when it was received. The symbol columns at the left of the Inbox provide important information about each message, such as priority level or whether it has a file attachment.

Step 1: Check for New Mail    

To check for new messages from the Inbox folder, click the Send and Receive button on the Outlook toolbar to go online to pick up mail. Your new messages appear in your Inbox.

Step 2: Open a Message    

Double-click a message you want to open and read.

Step 3: Read a Message    

The message opens for you to read. If it's a long message, use the scrollbars to scroll through the message. If you want to print the message, click the Print button on the message toolbar.

Step 4: Read the Next Message    

To continue reading new mail messages without returning to the Inbox, click the Next Item button on the message toolbar. To return to the previous message, click the Previous Item button.

Step 5: Delete a Message    

If you don't need to keep a message, click the Delete button on the message toolbar.

Step 6: Close a Message    

When you're finished reading a message, and you want to keep it, click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the message.










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