How to update your Directory information on your email signature:

Go to and click on COMPANY DIRECTORY homepage
Enter your login information using the same username and password you use for your company email and to log in to your computer

On the rDirectory page, enter your name in the box next to NAME BEGINS WITH and press Search
If there is more than one person who's name starts the same as yours, you will see a list of names. Click on your name to select it (other names in this list have been blurred out on purpose) At the bottom of the screen you will see the form where you can add/enter more data:
general tab
On this tab you enter your job title in the box that says Title as well as in the box that says Description. Office is optional, it's not on the email signature. Business phone should be in the format shown: (345) 949-8200 x1234 where 1234 is your extension number. Note that extension numbers will be changing when we move to the new HDQ building. Address is ignored for the signature and PO Box 10092 is inserted automatically.

Enter your Department and Company in the fields on the Organization tab:
Oragnization details

Enter your mobile phone number (if applicable) and your fax number on the Phones/Notes tab. Business phone should already be filled in from the first tab

That's it, you're all done! After entering this data, the next time you log in to your computer (or remote desktop) and run Outlook you will have this signature available under the name Default. Click Insert>Signature>Default as shown in the image below.
insert sig
Once clicked, you too will have a shiny new signature like this!

From time to time, the signature will be updated based upon the needs of the company, but no other effort will be required on your part, your phone numbers, extensions, titles & department will automatically be filled in based upon what you entered as you went through this tutorial.